Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hang on a minute...

Has the world gone mad?

Has the world turned upside down?

Will anything ever be the same ever again?
Who would've thought that I'd think that of the worst movies of 2008 would be an elliptical, mysterious, shinily attractive French philosophising film...

... and that I'd think of the best movies of 2008 would be a raucous, slightly immature drug-infused comedy of the Judd Apatow school?
'Cause I wouldn't.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Honesty is the best policy.

Duplicity is amazing. Duplicity is shit. Duplicity is okay. Duplicity is the worst film I've ever seen. Duplicity is the best film you'll see all year.

I love Julia Roberts. I hate Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts has a very large mouth. Julia Roberts is sexy. Julia Roberts is better than Clive Owen.

I love Clive Owen. I hate Clive Owen. Clive Owen looks very nice with his shirt off. Clive Owen took this role when George Clooney turned it down (probably). Clive Owen is better than Julia Roberts.

I love Tom Wilkinson. I hate Tom Wilkinson. Tom Wilkinson looks very nice with his shi- Wait. Tom Wilkinson is much better in this film than he was in Michael Clayton. Tom Wilkinson is better than Julia Roberts AND Clive Owen.

I love Paul Giamatti. I hate Paul Giamatti. Paul Giamatti fits into this world far better than expected. Paul Giamatti is funny. Paul Giamatti got what he deserved. Paul Giamatti is better than Julia Roberts AND Clive Owen AND Tom Wilkinson.

I give Duplicity an A-. I give Duplicity an F. I give Duplicity a B-. I give Duplicity a C. I give Duplicity a B+.

I give up.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


... for the movie year that was 2008 may not be a total loss. The Fall may just, at the last second*, have saved the year from the embarassment of not producing a modern classic.

And yes, I am "back". So to speak.

* I realise it was released in October, thank you.