Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Victim's Gold Stars: #5: Suspicious Minds

THE TOP TEN: #5: The King

I am not religious (and have become staunchly less so recently) and yet the idea of it is something that fascinates me. The King's basic plot may seem rather crude, but it is simply a guise on which to delicately lace ruminations about faith and what it can do to people. Gael Garcia Bernal's Elvis is a young, fatherless man with no faith binding him, and when he seeks out his birth father, now a priest and family man, the fall out is spectacular. British director James Marsh is clever and constant in his examination of the subject of religion, contrasting Elvis' loose morality with that of his father, and those in between- the priest's wife, son and daughter, the latter of whom is particularly important as her journey challenges everyone in the film. The King is a compulsive and fascinating microcosm of the world's struggle with religion, pointedly written and superbly played by its small cast. [Full Review]

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