Friday, May 25, 2007

She's ON THE SHIP, people!

I really just don't GET the fuss over Pirates of the Caribbean- the first one was fine, okay, fun, but it was too long then, and that was the shortest of the three!- and people are going so nutso crazy over it everywhere I look (it currently has 8.6 at IMDb. You like it, fine, we get that, but that is just ridiculous.) that I'm tempted to boycott the whole thing altogether. If it weren't for this picture:

Naomie Harris' Tia Dalma is ON THE SHIP. On the ship, people! She was easily the best thing about the last movie, and the woman has so frequently been the best thing about things she's in, however far on the periphery (see: 28 Days Later..., Tristram Shandy, Miami Vice), that I'll see this movie even if she's only in it for five seconds, just so I can stare and adore. Look at the picture! Such funky hair, such sassiness, such suspicion in her eyes.

Naomie's next film seems to have her in a leading role- August, with Josh Harnett, focuses on two brothers struggling to keep their new Wall Street company afloat in the month before 9/11. Here she is with Harnett on set:

So smiley. She's just a lovely, smiley person, and a sassy and wonderful actress. I leave you with another smile:

So pretty.


J.D. Judge said...

She was awesome in Dead Man's Chest, but she's pure WOW in At World's End. I must look further into her resume now, she's that cool...

(And the makeup is so fricking good that I didn't know she was that hot! Wow!)

Anonymous said...


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