Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Attention, America! The Best Film Of The Year Is Headed Your Way...

Let go of the mouse. Put down the phone. Close the tab where your email is blinkering away, trying to get your attention. Concentrate all your attentions on these words.


If you've already done so, then give yourselves a pat on the back. Good work, champs. If you haven't... well, finish reading this page (you might, god forbid, need some convincing!), and then head straight for your local theatre's webpage, or pick up that phone again and dial their number. According to boxofficemojo, it's being released in over 1,500 theatres, and while I'm not too sure on the math, that should leave you no excuse. I don't care if it's 100 miles away, you're driving. You do not want to miss this experience.

Because, yes friends, Bug is that good. It's so good it will take something amazingly supreme to dethrone it as the year's best movie. It's so bloody fantastic it even beats The Lynchian wonders of INLAND EMPIRE. If it'd been released last year as intially intended then my Gold Stars would have a distinctly different flavour to them.

Bug, in case you're very silly and don't already know, stars Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon (she of the trashy thrillers and he of the original stageplay- oh, their careers couldn't be more different, but both are absolutely, scarily superb). Judd is the lonely, divorced Agnes who, having been terrorized by the return of her ex (Harry Connick Jr, also excellent), holes up in her dirty motel room with an unhinged war veteran (Shannon) introduced to her by her friend (Lynn Collins), who convinces her that there are bugs. In their bed. Under the lampshade. On the phone. Under their skin. Everywhere.

Bug isn't your conventional horror film. Oh, the film goes to very dark and eventually very violent places, but this is no crappy slasher flick. Like the bugs themselves, Bug wheedles under your skin, it's unique tone and style chilling your entire body. It's absolutely frickin' terrifying, but also, somehow, manages to mix in some morbid humour, subtle layers, and some prementioned performances that'll knock you for six.

William Friedkin hasn't really been heard from much since his early 70s period of celebration (winning an Oscar for The French Connection and creating seminal horror The Exorcist), but he's back, people- this is a superbly attuned director, with a superb sense of the stagey set he's got, a needle prodding his actors to unexpected places, and an unforgiving laugh at his audience.

Bug is the best movie that you WILL see. Go. Now. Book your tickets. Take the day off work. Cancel all appointments. This is one movie that you need to see.

Oh, and if you don't happen to live in America: I sympathize. I cannot wait to see this movie again, for as much as it scared the living crap out of me, I think it's like a drug. I must see it again. But, naturally, there isn't even a release date for it here in Britain. But, be patient. Bug will come. It will find its rightful place beneath your skin.


J.D. Judge said...

Guess what? It'll only make $6 million, maybe slightly more or less. Because of those damn


Expect $130mil for that. But this does indeed look incredible. Too bad I'm 14 and my Mom gets horrific flashbacks of The Exorcist so there's no chance in hell she's taking me.

On the DVD queue it goes [sighs]...

Joe Valdez said...

Fantastic blog, Dave. Lots of color, lots of great images and your taste in movies is definitely eclectic. The gold stars section impresses me.

Ashley Judd just did another movie called Come Early Morning I'm waiting to come out on DVD, and will probably make a double feature with this one, based on your raving.

William Friedkin must hold the record for making the most mediocre number of films in a row - almost a dozen now - since his last great film, The Exorcist.

J.D. Judge said...

If you're in the US, Come Early Morning has been on DVD for a few months now, but it's a "Blockbuster Exclusive" for renting. Damn Weinsteins.

Dave said...

judge- Exactly. I mean, I doubt it'd do particularly well anyway, but the Pirates are going to trample everything. Damn them.

It's worth waiting for, even though I'm sure a theatre experience would be much more effective.

Also, they've started with that Blockbuster thing here too- although it hasn't been anything remotely interesting yet, so it's not really a problem.

joe- Thanks! Nice to know people are liking it. Come Early Morning hasn't even got a peek of a release date here, so chances of me seeing that are slim. I'd be nice to know your thoughts on both if/when you see them.