Tuesday, September 23, 2008

See? Casey Affleck can be fun!

I was going to do a bigger post on Gone Baby Gone (which, yes, they actually allowed us to watch), but it's all been said so instead I will simply offer this amusing facial expression from Casey Affleck.



Cal said...

Hi Dave,

This isn't about Casey Affleck, but I'm getting Gone Baby Gone tomorrow so I'll let you know what I think. As Robert Ford I thought he was good, but a little overrated. His expressions were limited and felt kind of on a loop in the film.

What I really want to say is I'm glad you liked The Misfits! Marilyn is a revelation, and that horse chase sequence I adored. Are you planning to do a post on it?

Dave said...

I'm still mulling over The Misfits and whether to post about it... I'm still not sure what to say. It stunned me, to be honest. It came very close to A territory (gradings are the only way I can express myself!).