Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Go Back in Time

Go is a total nostalgia trip. Do YOU remember the time when:
  • Sarah Polley could headline a film?
  • Sarah Polley starred in films instead of directing them?
  • Sarah Polley could act? (See evidence against.)
  • Sarah Polley looked uncannily like Sarah Cracknell?
  • Sarah Polley was important enough to be mentioned this many times in one post?
  • Jay Mohr was in every other film? (I love Jay Mohr. I don't know why. Don't you miss him? I know he's still alive.)
  • Katie Holmes looked human?
  • Katie Holmes could act? (See evi... oh, you know.)
  • Katie Holmes had a haircut that didn't suggest she becoming her husband? (Seriously, what is going on there? If I didn't know it was for a tv show I'd be seriously worried. (This point sponsored by a current tv advert mentioning the Tom Cruise haircut.))
  • Katie Holmes didn't have to stand in a ditch to be shorter than the men around her?
  • A film could have a sense of morality about drugs while still being fun and not being a lecture in the vaguest sense?
  • A film could have a gay couple as central characters without it being their defining characteristic, or even important in the slightest?
  • Scott Wolf got to star in a movie? (Why did Katie Holmes become the famous one again?)
  • William Fichtner was creepy? (Oh... wait.)
  • Taye Diggs! was funny? (He deserves the exclamation, because when he appeared I exclaimed exactly that in my head.)
  • Doug Liman made good films? (This brief period ended in 2005.)
  • I was just eleven years old? (Isn't that alarming.)
Watching Go is so nostalgic that when I thought about it again this morning I felt like I'd actually seen it years ago and my viewing last night was a joyful revisit. It was in fact the first time I'd ever seen it. B+


J.D. said...

Um, The Secret Life of Words?

Cal said...

I agree whole-heartedly. It's a really comfortable film to watch. It isn't preaching and it isn't Fear and Loathing. Lots of interesting things going on.

Totally agree on Holmes as well. I used to like her when she had long hair.. Teaching Mrs. Tingle is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Lol.

Dave said...

J.D.: I haven't seen it (should I rectify that?). But I was being kind of flippant with the Sarah Polley stuff (I have no problem with her directing, either).

J.D. said...

You really should, man. I loved it, and she's brilliant in it.

Kamikaze Camel said...

It's perhaps more "Remember when Sarah Polley could headline a film that wasn't Canadian". You're right about Don't Come Knocking though. She was appalling awful in that.

I love Go! though. Amazing stuff.