Sunday, August 24, 2008

They Can't Take Their Eyes Off Each Other... Yuck

I've had a veiled interest in Nights in Rodanthe, which reunites Unfaithful co-stars Diane Lane (yay) and Richard Gere (ugh), ever since I predicted Lane in The Film Experience's Best Actress contest. That said, I clearly haven't been paying that much attention, because, after spotting the film's title on IMDb's homepage (although they replace "in" with "at"), I discover that it has a trailer and is released in just about a month across the pond (the UK has to wait until November, tragically). It looks completely conventional and the trailer gives away pretty much everything that's going to happen (seriously. Can you not even try and keep any mystery?), but it also has VIOLA DAVIS (as the no-nonsense best friend no less) and she's always reason enough to see a film. (It also has James Franco, Ann Veal (OMG) and the egg-headed presence of Christopher Meloni.)

But what the title of this post refers to is the fact that in almost every picture we have so far, Diane and Richard won't stop STARING at each other. Seriously.



They're even at it in the poster:

Diane lets the side down here, though:
My theory is it's because the cameraman is doing an impression of Richard dancing. At least he can laugh about it, eh?


J.D. said...

I saw it in front of The House Bunny yesterday, and it just looks so bland. Like, who would ever care about this? Bleh.

James Franco will own 2008, though.

Dianna said...

When I 1st heard of this film & who was in it I was hoping it was JAMES FRANCO who would be Diane Lane's love interest - NOT Richard Gere again! I think THAT would've been a much better match! (Hey! They were 'married' in that Vanity Fair spread last year so that got me thinkin'!)
Franco's got such a hold on so many women & he doesn't even know it! (sigh!) (Can we say "obsessed"?!)

Anonymous said...

The fact that Diane Lane's character would chose Richard Gere over Christopher Meloni is hysterical.'s a 'comedy' then?


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this. Out in the UK on November 14th.

I love Diane Lane. I know she's a huge star in the US and Japan, but I hope this film makes her as big a star in the UK too!