Monday, February 25, 2008

Didn't they do well?

I am shocked, SHOCKED to discover that not only is Marketa Irglova dating Glen Hansard, but she is only nineteen! (Well, twenty in three days, but still...) She's only a few months older than I am! I'm not saying she looks old or anything but I would never have said she was that young. I am utterly besotted with her now, though, after the look she gave at being cut off (stupid orchestra!) and how gracious she was when Jon Stewart brought her back on for a chance to speak. I didn't love Once but I loved the music, and the performance of "Falling Slowly" last night was just heavenly. I actually beamed when it was announced as the winner.

For some reason, though, my heart sank a little when No Country for Old Men was given the final, biggest prize... not because I don't like it (I do: it's either my second or third favourite out of a superb roster), or even because it meant I got my prediction wrong- but just because it was so. bloody. predictable. About the only surprising wins last night were The Bourne Ultimatum getting both sound prizes and The Golden Compass besting Transformers for effects. (And on that note: what the hell? I'm sorry but The Golden Compass had rubbish effects.) How I longed for something truly surprising... like, say, The Lovely Laura Linney (who, by the way, seemed to be beaming all night- the camera loved her!) winning, or something that wasn't No Country snagging BP. I can't really complain too much about the winners, who were on the whole a good bunch (well, I could moan about Marion Cotillard- who seemed rather complacent while still sitting down, if you ask me- but I won't), but it was just so... dull.

That said, I did love both Tilda Swinton's win and her acceptance speech ("Really truly the same shape head, and, it has to be said, the buttocks..."), the aforementioned Once win, the gorgeousity of Jennifer Garner, Javier Bardem transferring to Spanish for his mother, how hilariously nervous Katharine Heigl was, Helen Mirren (rowr), and those excited women who won for Freeheld. Best dressed? I'm hardly an authority on these things, but I loved Garner, Diane Lane, Cameron Diaz, and Mirren. (I didn't love, however, Hilary Swank, who, I'm sorry, has the biggest teeth and chin of anyone I've ever seen. Alarming in the extreme.)

Oh, and my predictions? 15 out of 24. (So what have we learnt? Never trust anyone Never take risks. They don't pay off.) That's one up on last year. If that trend continues, I'll get them all right in 2017. Maybe Kate will finally have won by then...

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