Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mired Six Feet In Adoration

That's it. It's official. Six Feet Under is the greatest tv show ever. I suppose I should say "that I've ever watched", but, really, it'll take something pretty spectacular to connect with me as much as this show has. Despite my anxious twitterings that the final scene- which is probably the greatest ten minutes I've ever experienced, of anything in any way- wouldn't stand up on a second viewing, but, almost blissfully, I was absolutely wracked with sobs. I've never cried at anything as much as I do at that scene. I'm not a big crier- I often get teary-eyed, but it takes something big to actually make those tears fall- and yet there I was, hugging my knees, tears streaming down my face and experiencing actual physical pain. And I wasn't even sad, because that it is not what it does. It gives hope, it gives release, it gives life. It sounds absurd, but that is what Six Feet Under does to me.

Oh, sure, I'm going to watch The Sopranos and The Wire and Deadwood and whatever else is hosanna'ed as the greatest tv show ever, but I don't think- and I don't think I want to think- that those shows will come to mean as much to me. Six Feet Under caught me at a time in my life where it could become a part of me- what I have learnt through it, what I have discovered about myself, and what art- for it is art- can really do. It is beautiful. I love it, I miss it, but it is one of the few perfect things that exist.

Hyperbolic much? I am deadly serious. If you haven't watched it, go right now and don't come back until you have.


DL said...

Oh, I totally agree with everything you just said. (Although, SFU will always be a close second to Buffy as the greatest show of all time.)

The fifth season is so amazing, even more so than the others - which is so odd because shows usually just go downhill from around the mid-way point. And yes, the last 10 minutes are just extraordinary. I had "Breathe Me" by Sia playing on repeat on my iPod for about 2 months straight after I saw that.

Sid said...

It's my all-time favorite too. And it also has the best series finale ever (which is also the single best episode of all time).

I really have to laugh out aloud when I think that the regular cast didn't win a SINGLE Emmy!

Ali said...
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Ali said...

The fact that Frances Conroy didn't win a Best Actress Emmy for any season is downright despicable. It makes me physically sick just thinking about it.

At least she won the Golden Globe and a competitive SAG - that makes things a bit better. A bit.

Lovely entry - I feel the same way about the series (bittersweet and painful, but ultimately cathartic.)