Thursday, April 26, 2007

Victim's Gold Stars: A Way With Words

I'm going to try to pick up steam on these or I'll never get them done, so expect quite a few entries today (I won't be able to do any at the weekend, so I suppose in effect I'm not really speeding up). Anyway... here are my picks for Best Original Screenplay.

Milo Addica & James Marsh

Fred Breinersdorfer

Anthony Cipriano

Christian Puiu & Razvan Radalescu

Eric Roth

Next up: No. 8 on the Top Ten countdown; and Best Visual Effects.


Scott said...

Unfortunately, I haven't seen 12 and Holding, Sophie Scholl or The Death of Mr Lazarescu yet, and I didn't care much for The Good Shepherd.

But I caught The King on TV about a week ago, and I too thought it was great. I had a bit of trouble at times figuring out exactly what it was trying to say, but there's no denying that the screenplay is a dense, intricate work.

Dave said...

Obviously I'd definitely advise seeing those three as soon as possible, as they're three of 2006's best. Too bad you didn't like The Good Shepherd, but then, very few seem to. More for me.

The King is a definite fixture in my top ten; it's almost a year since I saw it and it's still playing on my mind. It's also one of the few films of 2006 on which I wrote a full review. Glad to know you were impressed (and that somebody's reading!).

J.D. Judge said...

Sophie Scholl is incredible, and I hope you have Jentsch in Best Actress. But, wouldn't it count for Adapted? It is based for the most part to the word on historical documents and transcripts, but wait -- does that actually make it adapted? I actually don't know.